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Application Electrical Assemblies/Panels/EOEMsBrand Name EatonCategory UL Class Power Fuse BlocksGTIN 00051712486385Special Features Block w-Screw @ Quick ConnectorStandard Contact factorySub Brand Bussmann seriesType FuseblockUNSPSC 39121624

BCM Series Product Catalog


Class CC and supplemental Modular ferrule fuse blocks


Product description:

BCM (Class CC) and BMM (supplemental 13/32 x 1-1/2” / 10x38) modular style fuse blocks with optional covers.

These new Bussmann®series fuse blocks contain multiple features to add versatility, reduce labor and enhance safety of any panel design.

Features and benefits:

• Available in 1-, 2- and 3-pole configurations to meet stocking requirements.

• Blocks are fully modular with a snap-together design that provides tool-less assembly of multiple pole blocks at point-of-use to reduce inventory and save assembly time and labor.

• DIN-Rail and panel mount versatility allows one product to be used for multiple applications, lowering inventory cost.

• Compact footprint consumes minimal panel space.

• Optional see-through cover enhances safety with IP20 finger-safe protection, lockout/tagout capability and open circuit indication.

• Easy circuit identification with available universal marker labels for fuse block covers.

• Tin-plated bimetallic copper fuse clips deliver superior fatigue resistance compared to traditional spring brass.

• Terminal options to meet application needs including 1/4” spade quick connect terminals for faster panel assembly.

• Patented rejection feature on Class CC fuse blocks reduces temperature rise by up to 30%.



• Volts-600V

• Amps - up to 30A

• Withstand - 200kA RMS Sym.

Agency information:Class CC BCM

• UL®Listed E14853 - IZLT

• CSA®Certified 47235-6225-01

• CE

• RoHS Compliant

• Conflict mineral free

• REACH declaration available upon request 13/32” x 1-1/2” (Midget) BMM

• UL Recognized E14853 - IZLT2

• CSA Certified 47235-6225-01

• CE

• RoHS compliant

• Conflict mineral free

• REACH declaration available upon request


• Covers are included in the overall UL Listing/Recognition and CSA Certification

• IP20 finger-safe

• RoHS compliant

• REACH declaration available upon request


• 1-, 2-, 3-pole units factory assembled

• Single-pole units snap together to create desired number of poles Flammability ratings:

• Blocks - UL 94V0, self-extinguishing

• Covers - UL 94HB, self-extinguishing Operating and storage temperature range:

• Blocks - -40°C to +120°C

• Non indicating covers - -40°C to +120°C

• Indicating covers - -20°C to +90°C *

* Indication requires minimum 90Vac/dc and closed circuit to illuminate.


• Base - Thermoplastic

• Terminals - Tin-plated bimetallic copper

• Covers - Thermoplastic

• Screws and pressure plates - Zinc-plated steel Cover Part Numbers:

• For blocks with quick connect terminals - CVR( I )-CCM-QC

• All other terminal options - CVR( I )-CCM Marker labels:

• Use Bussmann series part number TM26CB Recommended Bussmann series fuses: Class CC

• Ultimate protection time-delay Low-Peak™LP-CC, data sheet No. 1023

• Advanced protection time-delay Limitron™FNQ-R, data sheet No. 1014

• Advanced protection fast-acting Limitron KTK-R, data sheet No. 1015 13/32” x 1-1/2” (midget)

• Fast-acting 250Vac BAF, data sheet No. 2011

• Fast-acting 600Vac KTK, data sheet No. 1011

• Fast-acting 600Vac/dc KLM, data sheet No. 2020

• Time-delay 250Vac FNM, data sheet No. 2028

• Time-delay 500Vac FNQ, data sheet No. 1012 10x38mm (IEC)

• Class aM and gG/gL IEC industrial fuses, data sheet No. 720115 Recommended Bussmann series DIN-Rail end stops:

• Part No. BRKT-ND


Table 1. Catalog numbers

Terminal type
#10-32ScrewPressure platePressure plate

Phil-slot screwquick connect *quick connect *Box lugPolesFuse class
-BMM603-1SQ-BMM603-1PQBMM603-1C110x 38 (13/32 "x1-1/2")
-BMM603-2SQ-BMM603-2PQBMM603-2C210x 38 (13/32 "x1-1/2")
-BMM603-3SQ-BMM603-3PQBMM603-3C310x 38 (13/32 "x1-1/2")
-BCCMM603-3SQ-BCCMM603-3PQ-33-Pole control circuit transformer block 2-pole CC with 1-pole 10x38 (13/32”x1-½”)

ApplicationElectrical Assemblies/Panels/EOEMs
Brand NameEaton
CategoryUL Class Power Fuse Blocks
Special FeaturesBlock w-Screw & Quick Connector
StandardContact factory
Sub BrandBussmann series

$ 85.00
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Manufacturer                              EATON'S BUSSMANN


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